HOT MELT GLUE GUN 60 WATTS for Arts and Crafts


✔ 【Brass-Nozzle with Over-Heat-Protecting】The Nozzel is Made of Durable Rustless Brass/Copper while most other brands are Aluminum which is easy to rust. The Soft Silicone-Covered Tip is High-Temperature-Protective, it protects your hands and material from getting burned! Best Professional Industrial Hot Glue Gun Kit!

✔ 【Non-Drip and Clean-to-Use】Only 2mm wide, Small-and-Precise Nozzle is good at getting into small spaces/corners. Flow of the glue is Easy-to-Control and comes out smoothly, leaves a nice bead of glue and little to no glue trail! No Need worried the glue Backflow and Leak! No Clogging or Splats of glue on your project! It’s Super-CLean-Work and Less-Messy than most other glue guns!

✔ 【Quick-to-Heat-up and Safe-to-Use】60-Watt, 100-240V of US plug, only 1-3min to preheat, Quickly Ready for Use! With On/Off Switch and Green Indicator Light, you don’t have to stop and unplug your glue gun between uses! No More worry about it burning you in case you forget to unplug it!

✔ 【Comfortable-Grip and Easy-to-Manuever】Big Size and Huge Trigger, you can get a Full Grip with your whole hand and Won’t Get Strain for large projects. Integrated Metal Stand/Holder is very stable to put the gun down while working on your project, so the hot tip doesn’t rest on any surface. Easier-to-Maneuver than the smaller cheap ones, Perfect for crafts and repairs.