Baseus – Red-Dot Mobile Game Scoring Tool



  • Mobile phone design game auxiliary keys to bring you a better experience
  • The buttoned back clamp makes the auxiliary device more stable on the mobile device
  • Sensitive reaction, light press can achieve the effect
  • Made of PC material, lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for most of smartphones


Grab an advantage over your opponents with this innovative, yet simple trigger accessory for use in mobile gaming. Most effective within FPS games, the Red-Dot scoring tool will allow you to engage 4 fingers during gameplay, thus increasing your efficiency by up to 50%!

Say goodbye to awkward controls when playing FPS mobile games – no more standing still whilst trying to aim and shoot! (Which then results in you unfortunately getting picked off!).

The Red-Dot trigger tool is an innovative accessory that allows you to engage in 4-finger gameplay. Simply attach to your mobile phone screen and then use the triggers with with your index fingers to aim and shoot. This allows your thumbs to be free to control motion.

The impact on gameplay is significant as you now effectively have an advantage over any opponent relying on the two-thumb stop and shoot controls. This means you are faster, and are able to get off shots quicker than ever before!

A very simple, but highly effective device compatible with most mobile phones 6.5″ or under. Can even be used with a phone case providing the case does not take the total thickness beyond 10mm.

Baseus Red Dot Mobile Gaming Scoring Tool (4)