Clip-On Wireless Microphone – Model AK323



– Effective Distance: 20 M
– Lightweight and Portable
– FM Modulation
– 600 Ohms Output Impedance
– 80-12500 Hz Frequency Response
– This Wireless Clip Microphone is Ideal for Teaching, Singing and Sales Demonstrations.
– It comes with Stable Performance and Outstanding Sound Quality
– Transmitter, Microphone Comes with Clip, Easy to Carry With
– This Outstanding Wireless Clip Microphone is the Best Partner for Teachers, Lecturers,Speaker and Presenters.
– The Clip-on Design is suitable for Meeting, Conference and Teaching etc…
– The Receiver Only have a 1/4 inch (6.35mm) Audio Plug, your Speaker or Other Equipment must have this kind of Jack to Match the Plug, or else you can Not use the Receiver.
– Every Set of these Product are Using the Same Frequeency. So if you Buy more than 2 Sets, they will Not Work Separately in One Place


– Power:1x 9V Battery (Included)
– Volume Control Switch: Yes
– On/Off Switch: Yes
– Power LED Indicator: Yes
– Jack: 3.5 mm Microphone Jack

– Power 1x AA Battery (Included)
– On/Off switch: Yes
– Power LED indicator: Yes
– Plug: 1/4 Inch Plug


How to Use:
– Open the Bottom Cover of the Transmitter, Insert the Battery with the Correct Polarity and Close the Bottom Cover until it Clicks Shut.
– Insert the Mic. Connector into the Socket of Transmitter.
– Open the Battery Cover of the Receiver, Insert one Battery (AA) into the Receiver with Correct Polarity and Close the Battery Cover.
– Plug the Receiver into the input Socket for Microphone of Amplifier, Set both Switch of Transmitter and Switch of Receiver to ON Position, then the Pilot Lamps and are on that Indicates a good Condition and it is ready for Operation.


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